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Can’t Stand The Sadness

I decided to leave. Too depressing. Too sad. Below is the massive UN barracks in downtown Cap Haitien. Complete with machine gun towers. This is as close as I dared get to snap photos. The UN soldiers here were from Nepal. It said so on the front gate and the Nepalese...

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Even Sadder When It Rains

Yes, the skies darkened and then opened, and the rain poured down, making Haiti seem that much more sad. It also got some of that stagnant (dengue infested, I'm sure) water moving through the trash filled gutters and streets. And created lots of mud. Undeterred, I set...

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Sacre Bleu! Hello Haiti!

Yes, Haiti. Call me crazy, but I needed to see for myself. So I did. Pretty straight forward to get there from the Dominican Republic (from here on the DR or just DR), actually. I found myself in Santiago de Los Caballeros (Santiago for short, right?), in a little...

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Lovely Gibara and The Man Demands a Meeting

After an incredible amount of fun in Remedios, I made my way to the very quaint little village of Gibara. It's only about a half hour from Holguin, which is a good sized city, that had an immigration office that I needed to visit. I had decided to stay in Cuba for two...

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Having a Blast in Remedios

***** Great news!!! I have been having serious technical difficulties getting videos loaded from my camera onto my ipad. I don't know what the deal is.....I've been doing it the same way since we began our journey around the globe......but for the last 2 months I...

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Mas Cuba, Por Favor!

You want some more Cuba, ya go! Yeah, yeah, I've been pretty lame about posting about Cuba......and for good reason if you saw my last post. Internet is still very hard to come by on La Isla. Two dollars will buy you one hour, but you can easily spend more...

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Cuba! Por Fin!

Yes, Cuba....finally! Sorry to have kept you hanging for so long, but internet is not the easiest thing to find here on La Isla. To show you just how normal Cuban's go about getting a little WiFi, check out (note 1). You missed the notes, didn't ya? So I started out...

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Near Death in Machu Picchu

Hey everyone! My sincerest apologies for leaving you in suspense for so long. I know that some of you got a sneak preview of my death defying climb up Machu Picchu Mountain on my sister's FB page. Well here, finally, is the full report. The Machu Picchu citadel (the...

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Back Through La Paz On The Way To Cusco

****** Thanks to all the FoFF (Friends of Fifty Fifty) who saw my post about Sydney Anchor´s (my buddy Mark´s daughter) GoFundMe campaign and decided to help. She blew past her original goal of $800 and is well on her way to Peru to help out with medical care in poor...

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