Hi everybody, and welcome to Coconuts Float! Since you have arrived on the ‘about’ page, let me tell you a bit about myself. I am an avid world traveler and have visited over 70 fantastic countries around the globe. I’m here to help you accomplish your travel dreams and goals as well. Whether it be a weekend getaway in Paris, a summer jaunt through Europe or a gap year immersion in South America, I am your travel guru! Coconuts Float is here to show you the in’s and out’s, the how’s and why’s, and to give you concise advice for travel around the globe!

So, who exactly is Coconuts Float? Great question. My name is Billy Brockway and I grew up in Washington D.C. in the good ‘ole USA. As a child, I relentlessly pestered my mother with unanswerable questions about the (small) world I saw around me. I was a curious lad, for sure. I began reading at an early age and my curiosity about the larger world was stoked by the books I annihilated. My parents and siblings tolerated my reading aloud any passage I found particularly interesting. Thanks to them, and the local library, my wanderlust was born.

I eventually graduated from college, but didn’t have much of a plan. That lack of plan enabled me, along with some friends, to take a months long ‘surfing safari’ to the jungles of Costa Rica. My life was forever changed. The travel bug had stung!

My first formative travel excursions were mostly throughout Central America. I visited Nicaragua, Honduras, Guatemala and Panama dozens of times. I even drove to Costa Rica from the USA! What a ride!!

I have made Costa Rica my home for many years now and have been fortunate to be able to travel for long stretches at a time. My most recent long term travel excursion was an epic two and a half years around the planet, visiting 50+ countries. Thus, Coconuts Float was born.

My travels continue and the website will be updated continuously, depending on where exactly in the world I am. Check in often for new adventures, destinations, ideas, travel gear and travel hacks. I am here to give you the best, most concise advice on traveling around the world. Because the grass is always greener somewhere else!

Follow me on my travels and adventures, come with me where I go. Hopefully I can inspire you and give you some valuable and practical tips for your next trip, be it short or long.

Pura Vida!