****** Thanks to all the FoFF (Friends of Fifty Fifty) who saw my post about Sydney Anchor´s (my buddy Mark´s daughter) GoFundMe campaign and decided to help. She blew past her original goal of $800 and is well on her way to Peru to help out with medical care in poor communities.

Good for you Sydney, and good for the awesome folks who chipped in! Thanks!

So, last we saw each other I was on a bus over the Andes mountains, making my way toward Santiago, Chile. No rest for the weary cause we didn´t stay in Santiago but overnight. I headed back to La Paz to have some delicious saltenas and hang for a few days. Then it was back on the road and headed into Peru….Cusco first, and then the incredible 15th century ruins of world famous Machu Picchu.

Hang tight, big post ahead!

The beautiful view from La Paz airport

Over Lake Titicaca ( Ahahaha very, very fun to say)

Say it….. Titicaca! Yell it….. TITICACA!

Aaahahahaha……grow up ya´ll

Cool cloud over Titicaca (stop already!)

Not Lake Titicaca (enough!)

Arriving Cusco, Peru
The beautiful city of Cusco was the historical capital of the Inca Empire from the 13th into the 16th century until the Spanish arrived to mess everything up.
You can read more about Cusco if you head down to (see Note 1)

Meet Martin (pronounced Marteeen) The Alpaca

So cute! So gentle!

So fluffy!

So cuddly!

So delicious! Meet Martin´s cousin, Lunch. Alpaca steak!

Pachacuteq himself. The Inca ruler who founded Cusco back in the day
They are serious about their Inca statues

From Cusco I grabbed the train and headed up to the small town of Aguas Calientes. A tiny village high in the Andes, it is the epicenter of tourism for all of those heading to Mach Picchu
These crazy things were precariously perched on the face of this mountain. Upon further inquiry, turns out the are ´hotel rooms´ for those crazy enough to scale the rock face.

would you be able to sleep here? Not me!

Soon enough I was deposited in the very cool little town of Aguas Calientes. I would attempt the ascent to Machu Picchu tomorrow.

Some Ticos at the train station in Aguas Calientes! Pura Vida!

Stay tuned…..next up, certain death in Machu Picchu