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Coconuts Float grew out of my personal travel blog that I started back in 2010 while contemplating my epic journey around the globe. It’s purpose, then, was to keep my family and friends up to date on my travels, and to let them know I was ok, and share my experiences with them. As some things tend to do on the internet, it got a lot more interest than just my family and friends. I was being bombarded with comments and emails about how, just how, is it possible to travel the way I was traveling? Long term travel on a budget is not easy. But it most certainly is possible! I did it! And I can show you how!

The new Coconuts Float is for you (although I hope my family and friends hang around!), the potential globetrotter! Have you been thinking about an epic journey around the planet? Or maybe a month or two in Europe this summer? Or a total immersion gap year in the Andes Mountains of South America? Great! We can get you on your way!

Take a look around the new site and check out the places I’ve been, over 70 countries! I will share with you the good, the bad and the ugly of all these places and more. If you are expecting to see the word “awesome” in every post, you may be disappointed. Every place is not “amazing” or “awesome”, in fact few places actually inspire awe, which is what awesome means, after all. No, Coconuts Float will tell you if a place sucked, and why. Maybe you’ll have a different experience and it will be “awesome” for you, and that would be, well, awesome! The important thing is to GO and make your own opinions about this beautiful world we live in! I’ll help, so let’s go!

Not sure where to begin? Believe me, I understand. Don’t worry, Coconuts Float will guide you every step of the way. I’m a solo travel guru!

Below you will find some of my most popular posts from the blog. They include my favorites and some of the crazier travel stories. Click on any photo to get started that way.

If you are planning to go to a certain destination, Cocosfloat has got you covered. Click on the “Destinations” tab in the menu bar and go directly to that certain place.

If you need help or recommendations on where to book hotels, hostels, tents, treehouses etc. or flights or trains or ferries etc., go to the “Resources” page and we will get you squared away.

Ready? Let’s go! Your adventure starts now and Coconuts Float is here to help!



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